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Inspection Services

Every home is different and presents it's own unique set of challenges.   It is highly recommended you call to discuss details of the inspection with our staff. We will review the process in detail so you know exactly what to expect  on the day of the inspection. Since one of the first questions we are asked is how much, please see our estimated prices below. Please note that the overall size of the home and distance traveled may affect pricing.  Please anticipate on spending 2-4 hours at the home on the day of the inspection.  Our detailed inspection reports are delivered via email within 2 days.  In a rush? no problem, we are capable of "on the spot reporting," which means we can provide the report to you on the same day the inspection is conducted.  We look forward to working with you during this exciting time.


Gold Package: Pre-purchase inspection including radon test and termite inspection...$500.  (Add $50 for inspections outside of  25 mile radius of home office in  Middletown, NJ, or for homes larger than 3,000 sq ft.)

Silver Package: Pre-Purchase inspection including termite inspection...$475

Foreclosure Inspections: $350
When buying a foreclosed property, a foreclosure inspection is of the utmost importance to ensure that there are no major issues with the house. This is the only way to know for sure what problems may need to be addressed. 

Home Consultations: $50
A home consultation is done to discuss changes that you may want made to a property and whether they are possible. You need to know if the property can be modified to meet your needs.

Loss Control Inspections: Call for Price
A loss control inspection focuses on property insurance coverage. Your policy needs will depend on the assessment of the types of problems that may arise in your home or business. (Call for price)

Maintenance Inspections: $150
A maintenance inspection focuses on upkeep and avoiding costly problems in the future. A well maintained property requires fewer emergency repairs. 

Pre-Listing Inspections: $250
A pre-listing inspection is done before a property is put on the market to identify potential problems that will deter buyers. Fixing these issues before you try to sale can increase the value and speed the sale of your property. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections: $450
A pre-purchase inspection informs a potential buyer of any problems or repair work that needs to be done on a property. This can protect the buyer from surprise issues that may be costly to remedy.

Post Disaster Inspections: Call for Price
Post disaster inspections are done to assess property damage from a natural disaster or even damage caused by tenants.

Project and Contractor Oversight: Call for Price
We provide project and contractor oversight for property owners during a construction job. This can help keep your project on schedule and budget.

Radon Testing: $150
Radon is a dangerous gas that has been linked to lung cancer, which is why radon testing is crucial in property transactions. The test will confirm whether radon is present and if it is possible to safely
remove it. 

Safety Inspections: Call for Price
Safety inspection protect property owners from dangerous conditions and accidents. We will inspect all the different elements of your property, including plumbing and electrical systems.  

Termite Inspections: Call for Price
A termite inspection detects the presence of termites and other wood destroying insects to protect your property from damage. If termites are present, they need to be exterminated as soon as possible to avoid significant problems. 

Septic, Well and Mold Inspections available. Oil Tank Sweeps also available. Please contact for pricing and additional details.

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